Chronicles of Dave and Whitney

These two gringos returned in April, 1997 from a one year trip, driving their VW Westfalia 22,000 miles, from San Francisco through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and back. We were traveling with a laptop computer and sending home these newsletters from the road.

The van on the right is a perfect example of what ours doesn't look anything like:

(Click on our picture for a larger version.)

The Chronicles

Missives, ramblings and other news from the road.

1.Welcome to Mexico (3/23/96)'s like a totally different country!
2.Travels in Baja (4/18/96) may not be the "Real Mexico" but it's definitely real.
3. The Gringos Burn a Calorie in Copper Canyon (5/12/96)
...3,500 more of those and we'll lose a pound.
4. Hanging With Dick and Liz, and Other Half-Truths (6/14/96) was more like they were hanging with us.
5. Spanish lessons make me feel stupid. I don't like feeling stupid. (7/30/96)
...if I wanted to be miserable, I could have stayed home and worked.
6. The Gringos Enter... The Maya Zone (9/24/96)
...George Lucas didn't have to make all that stuff up. The Mayans did it for him.
7. The Gringos Become Marxist and Consider Having Their MBA's Surgically Removed (2/7/97)
..."do you mean the State Department isn't really interested in human rights?"
8. Chillin' With the Ex-Pats in Costa Rica (3/28/97)
...getting adopted - "and loving it!"
9.Where's the last installment? (?/??/97) hasn't been written yet. It's Whitney's fault...Yeah!

No kids, no jobs, no mortgage…
Here's the story of how this trip came to be. (3/1/96)

Can I please have another pillow?...
The story of our first road trip: a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. (3/1/96)

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Dave's Newsletters
Here's a bunch of newsletters written from Dave's prior trips.
Beware - some of the earlier ones are painfully bad!




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